Be Just Strong (and comfy, and well)

I’ve recently joined a global network of individuals promoting strength, but this isn’t a straightforward concept in my view.

In addition to supporting wonderful vegan shoes at Souliers Studio, I’ve recently joined a team of folks who are encouraging strength among women.

As someone who identifies as a woman and enjoys lifting heavy things on the regular, the Just Strong brand makes sense for me and thus, I’ve joined them as an ambassador (with perks for y’all). However, my personal views on exercise, fitness, and health more broadly do not include clear ideas about what a “strong” or “fit” or “healthy” body looks like or, indeed, means.

My psychological comfort with my body has waxed and waned throughout my journey with “health” and exercise. I have come to a place where I am largely at peace, but I definitely have days where I falter and question¬†whether I’m achieving my goals satisfactorily. My satisfaction is influenced by the huge variety of humans with whom I share the world and who look so different from one another; yet, on some days I compare myself and feel I’ve fallen short. However, I know that beneath my insecurities being strong vs. skinny, tall vs. short, chiselled¬†vs. soft, is not significant if my body is doing what it needs to do for me and if my mind is well. So, being “just strong” for me involves a great deal of strength of mind when it comes to strength of body.

I also don’t think that you need to identify as a strong woman or a woman at all to wear cropped hoodies or leggings. You also don’t need to be at the gym! These clothes are comfortable and come in fun colours – don’t confine your most exciting attire to the gym if that’s not your jam, or if you unable/do not want to work out.

I care about people but I don’t care what people want to wear these clothes. However, I do care about savings, and you can save 10% if you click on my link to buy things from this UK brand. So, feel free to indulge! Click here and shop away.


Happiness and wellness to you all this weekend!


Grab yourself some classy shoes and feel good about where they came from!

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