Being Cognizant: Vegetarianism

A series about the ways I work towards being cognizant through decisions that make me more mentally engaged with various facets of my day-to-day life.Cognizance (noun): Awareness, realization, notice, knowledge, perception.----3 years and 3 months ago, I embarked on a 3-week challenge to stop eating meat. It began because someone told me I "looked like [...]

My Feminism

I call myself a feminist.However, I think that the words "feminist" and "feminism" mean a great range of things to a great range of people, and it is important to explain what I mean when I say it (and refer to it on this blog).One website offers this definition of feminism:"Feminism is a range of movements [...]

Me and the Blog

I hail from Western Canada and go by the pronouns she and her(s). I am part of a web of family, friends, school, coast, country, and feminist, anti-racist thinkers. My happy place usually contains chocolate, a camera, and my loved ones. ***** My blog started as a platform for sharing reviews for the 2014 hot [...]