HoChos 20, 21

Saying good-bye is difficult, and I am an emotional person.This festival has been a great deal of photographic and palatable fun! It is always a pleasure to connect and re-connect with people through hot chocolate adventures during the festival weeks, and I love having the project of visiting the *locations each year.* I should note [...]

HoChos 17, 18, 19, 20

HoCho #17: Rainforest, Bel Café (~ $8.00)I enjoyed this beverage in good company on a very, very rainy Vancouver evening. With the clock reminding us that only 20 minutes remained to complete our drink, we dove in - me with my whipped-creamless concoction, and my comrades with their colour-topped artistries, so-called the Rainforest by Bel Cafe.The whipped [...]

HoChos 9, 10, 11, and 12

Whooooooooa... We're half-way there...WhoooooOOOAA! Chocolate everywheere... February 1st! I do not know where the month of January went, but I recall glimpses of events and timetables and a lot of chocolate towards the end. As a student, I find this point in the Hot Chocolate Festival challenging: Professors are beginning to remind their classes about upcoming [...]